How to Get Girlfriends
If you're a guy, and you have been dumped by your girlfriend, then you have a pretty good idea of how hard it is to understand. How to win an ex girlfriend back is, to be blunt, no easy task, but it is entirely possible. However, you have to have a plan and go about it the right way. What follows will give you your best chance of getting back together, assuming you are 100% certain that you really want her back.

The first step is to stop. Stop. Stop whatever your current plan is, and take some time to calm down. Going through a break up is always an emotional experience. The problem is that all too often those emotions work against us. Besides, charging full speed ahead with unchecked emotions is not a plan, and that's what you need. You have to think things through.

If you have been hounding your ex girlfriend in the hopes that she will just talk to you, then it's time to stop. Yes, you would like a chance to explain your side if things and plead your case for getting back together, but now is not the time to do so. You need time away from her, and she needs time away from you. This time allows both of you to come to terms with what has happened. Besides, the longer she doesn't hear from you, the more she may realize how much she misses you.

During this time it's important that you look back at your failed relationship with an open mind. You will be looking for the things that went wrong and what your role was in those things. Do not feel guilty about what happened. The goal here is to identify the problem areas and then see how you can fix them.

Now that you have given her some time alone and found out what went wrong, you can take the next step to win an ex girlfriend back. The next step is to talk to her. Now, don't lay everything out all at once. Keep your first conversation low key and positive. You shouldn't mention anything about your break up, and you shouldn't mention anything about your plans for getting back together either. Not yet.

As you start talking more and more, you can start to talk about your relationship. Let her know what you did wrong, and apologize where needed. Assuming everything is going well, you can now talk about the possibility of getting back together. If you want to win an ex girlfriend back, then you will have to tell her how it will be different, and explain how you have changed for the better. If she accepts, then it's just a matter of you sticking to your word and being happy together.

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